Quantitative Methods in Defense and National Security 2007

Inventory Sampling Activity Management System (SAMS)
Donglin Sun, (U.S. Coast Guard), donglin.sun@uscg.mil,
David Hartley, (Calibre), Dave.Hartley@calibresys.com, and
Timothy Heitsch, (U.S. Coast Guard), timothy.j.heitsch@uscg.mil


U.S. Coast Guard used the U.S. Army's Statistical Sampling System (SSS) for its quarterly audit of $1.2 billion inventory assets for over eight (8) years. Author at the Aircraft Repair and Supply Center of U.S. Coast Guard has developed Inventory Sampling Activity Management System (SAMS) since later 2003 and brought a new revolution in the history of Coast Guard Audit mandated by Department of Homeland Security. The new system developed in SAS has been running successfully for over three years and tremendously reduces previous semi-manual one-day process in SSS into 40-second event by totally automated statistical sampling process and virtually non-stopping Coast Guard inventory system to complete audit for huge inventory. Its over 500~700 times faster than SSS. The new sampling system also completes a wide range of complex sampling and reporting tasks.

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