Quantitative Methods in Defense and National Security 2007

Adolf Neumann, (21st Century Systems, Inc.), adolf.neumann@21csi.com


The WEBSTER Program's Agent Case Expert (ACE) software provides distributed collaborative trust networks and opinion summary mechanisms for intelligently integrating decisions made by both man and machine. ACE explicitly accounts for dynamic trust and pedigree in a semantically-tagged decision model using extensible belief algebra for deriving semantically coherent consensus. ACE trust network can model evidential opinion flow through social and organizational networks. ACE trust network derivation is guided by a semantic decomposition according to subject domain knowledge. The ACE trust mechanism allows for information to be reused and integrated despite changes in trustworthiness due to factors such as information aging or relevance. ACE provides a normalization layer for integrating heterogeneous, both human and mechanistic, intelligence analyzers, characterizers, and classifiers. This presentation will provide an interactive demonstration of this process, and permit the viewers to ask in-depth questions of one of the key architects of the WEBSTER ACE software.

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